In this half-day workshop, participants will be introduced to the medical issues that affect the older population. With the accelerated growth of the older population, frailty is becoming an increasing factor that affects the quality of life among older people. Participants will build knowledge of chronic health problems, frailty, and risk factors. Effective techniques will be presented to effectively identify and respond to the needs of the aging population.

Topics Include:
  • Recognizing the impact of medical health problems on people as they age.
  • Addressing the substantial health and health care problems for the aging population with multiple chronic conditions.
  • Building knowledge about end of life issues and concerns for the 85 and older population who are often ill, disabled, and near end of life.
  • Identifying ways to lessen the onset of chronic disease in later years and risk factors that contribute to falls among the elderly.
  • Exploring strategies to educate older adults about the importance of engaging in physical activity and strength training.
  • Increasing sensitivity to the health care needs and unique culture of the aging population.
  • Communicating effectively and compassionately with older adults who are near end of life.
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