Medi-Cal Induction Boot Camp

Medi-Cal Bootcamp is a comprehensive, 4-day program that provides eligibility workers with critical knowledge and skills necessary to administer the Medi-Cal program. This series addresses over-arching eligibility concepts, as well as practical skills necessary for taking appropriate actions in both new and continuing, MAGI and Non-MAGI, Medi-Cal cases. Through discussions of case examples, participants will have the opportunity to apply concepts learned in this workshop.

Day 1 Topics

  • Basics of Medi-Cal 
  • Recent expansions
  • Intro to the MAGI/Non-MAGI realm
  • The Medi-Cal Hierarchy 
  • Scope of coverage
  • Basic eligibility requirements
  • MAGI Medi-Cal overview
  • MAGI Medi-Cal household composition

Day 2 Topics

  • Non-MAGI Overview
  • Linkage in Non-MAGI
  • Non-MAGI covered groups
  • Medi-Cal Family Budget Unit (MFBU)
  • MBU’s and Sneede Budgeting
  • MAGI covered groups and FPL limits
  • CalHEERS/CalSAWS connection
  • E-verification
  • Determining MAGI income

Day 3 Topics

  • Property
  • Income and budgeting in Non-MAGI Medi-Cal
    • ABD – FPL
    • Share-of-Cost Determination
    • Sneede
  • Collecting verification
  • Medicare overview
  • Medicare Savings Programs (MSP)
  • Processing Intake applications
  • Minor Consent
  • Effective case journaling

Day 4 Topics

  • Medi-Cal Redeterminations
  • Ex Parte
  • Managing a continuing caseload
  • Change in circumstances
  • Customer Protection Programs
    • Transitional Medi-Cal (TMC)
    • 4-Month Continuing
    • Continuing Eligibility for Children (CEC)
Course Code
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Medi-Cal Induction Boot Camp (Virtual Training) Apr 30 May 3 Enroll Now