Medi-Cal Consumer Protection Programs

This workshop provides a review of Consumer Protection Programs available to individuals who no longer qualify for Med-Cal under Modified Adjusted Gross Income methodology. Focus will be on those programs available to participants that do not qualify under the Medicaid expansion criteria of the Affordable Care Act. Participants will understand how to determine the appropriate program and eligibility level for all applicants and recipients of Medi-Cal.

Topics Include:
  • Understanding the Medi-Cal Hierarchy and its relation to Consumer Protection Programs.
  • Correctly identifying individuals eligible for Consumer Protection Programs-CPPs such as:
  • Transitional Medi-Cal-TMC
  • Four Month Continuing Medi-Cal
  • Continuous Eligibility for Children-CEC
  • Deemed Eligibility-DE
  • Developing and building knowledge of TMC processing.
  • Reviewing procedures for ongoing TMC eligibility.
  • Determining accurate transition to other programs post CPP eligibility.
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