Mandatory and Voluntary Reporting-Processing the SAR 7

This workshop focuses on rules, processes and procedures used to determine ongoing eligibility in the CalFresh and CalWORKs programs under the Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) system. Participants will review regulations and relevant case examples to increase accuracy in processing SAR-7 reports. As a result of this workshop, participants understand what constitutes a complete SAR-7 and what actions to take on information provided on the SAR-7, mandatory or voluntary mid-period reports.

Topics Include:

  • Learning the correct assignment of SAR periods based on eligibility
  • Defining the criteria as to what constitutes a complete and timely report, including those requesting discontinuance
  • Understanding when it is appropriate to take a mid-period action based on county-initiated information
  • Reviewing mandatory reporting items and discussing impact on eligibility based on new information
  • Recognizing voluntary reporting items considered as Verified Upon Receipt (VUR)
Course Code