Managing the Outcomes – Leading a Mobile Workforce

This workshop will focus on the benefits and challenges of leading a mobile workforce. Participants will have the opportunity to explore both the challenges and opportunities of a remote workforce. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own styles, biases, strengths and challenges as they relate to a changing work environment. They will evaluate the working style of their teams as well as their own management and leadership style and how to best reach the outcomes of the organization. Focus will be on the outcome rather than the path.

This workshop has been adapted to be delivered via web-based learning.

Participants will: 

  • Identify benefits and challenges for supervising mobile workers
  • List the different categories of mobilization
  • Develop strategies for evaluating and preparing team members for remote work and Preparing yourself to best support and lead in a remote working environment
  • Analyze strategies for successfully supporting and supervising mobile workers
  • Develop strategies for providing support and team management for mobile workers
  • Consider methods of supervising for accountability from afar
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