Lighting The Path to Workplace Retention, Career Progression and Job Satisfaction

As hiring and retaining staff has become a critical issue, human service organizations are seeking ways to increase their workforce’s morale, job satisfaction and retention. This course will highlight ways agency employees have the opportunity to hold up a lamp to illuminate the workplace path for themselves and others. Participants are invited to explore what lights them up and brightens their day when they are being of service in their workplace community. We will explore core foundational beliefs underlying the popular job retention guide Thirty Ways to Shine as a New Employee, the inspiration for this course.

The course also reviews the benefits of demonstrating an attitude of gratitude as a remedy for low morale, the impact of cultivating a growth mindset when tasked with learning new skills and steps to help staff prepare for promotional interviews, motivating them to promote rather than depart. After being introduced to research-based information on these topics, participants will swap stories and examples of ways they focus on their mission and purpose, (re)igniting their own job satisfaction as well as helping light the path for their co-workers.

This workshop includes direct instruction, opportunities for reflection and practice of skills and strategies designed to promote positive change in their own lives, inspiring their coworkers, as well as lighting the path of those they serve as Helping Professionals.

Knowledge, Values and Skills Learned

  • K1- Identify workplace tasks and experiences that brighten their day & model job satisfaction
  • K2- List three benefits of expressing an attitude of gratitude
  • K3- Name four key ingredients to having a Growth Mindset
  • K4- Define Fixed and Growth Mindsets in the context of adult learning in a Human Services workplace
  • K5-Select (a min of one) next step to take toward job progression and retention
  • V1- Express their commitment to making a difference in their workplace by being a role model for positivity and growth
  • V2- Acknowledge in discussions the link between a person’s mindset and their potential for successful progression of career goals
  • S1 –Demonstrate promoting workplace satisfaction and retention by focusing on core values
  • S2- Differentiate between Fixed and Growth Mindsets through self-talk messages, then explore ways to facilitate a shift toward favoring a GROWTH mindset in self and others
  • • S3- Check off suggested steps for being prepared for a promotional interview
  • S4- Practice responding to panel questions during a simulated promotional interview
  • S5-Document direct application transfer of training notes on an action plan
Course Code