Leading and Innovating in Times of Change

This webinar will provide a broad, high-level overview focused on supporting leaders and managers across the field of human services in times of change. Leading staff and seeking opportunities to innovate despite significant change across our organizations and the communities they serve will be emphasized. This training will examine elements that can impact and impede change, as well as approaches leaders can take to leverage opportunities in times of change. We’ll also discuss moving organizations forward and discovering possibilities for innovations. While this topic has always been one of great importance, dynamics associated with leading and innovating are now increasingly relevant across the helping profession, and for those tasked with leading their teams toward organizational
response and service delivery.

Topics include:

  • Responding to organizational change
  • Exploring the dimensions of change
  • Outlining the needs of teams in times of change
  • Discovering possibilities for innovation in times of change
  • Taking the first steps: What can leaders do right now?
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