Leadership Webinar: CFT/CANS Implementation

This web-based follow-up to the December 2019 CANS/CFT Implementation and Practice Summit provides an opportunity for County Child Welfare leadership, Behavioral Health leadership and their partners to receive updates and share successes and challenges with each other related to implementation of Child and Family Teams (CFT) and CANS in the context of the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM) and Safety Organized Practice (SOP).

 Goals for the webinar include:

  • Recognize how the implementation and quality of CFTs can be supported by the ICPM/CPM leadership behaviors and SOP alignment as a comprehensive approach to improving child and family outcomes.
  • Share examples and strategies for cross-systems implementation and practice of CFTs, CANS, ICPM and SOP.
  • Identify and share resources to support implementation and ongoing strategies for full implementation.
  • Identify opportunities for fidelity and coaching to ensure rigor and depth of CFTs and SOP in child welfare.
  • Learn about training and coaching opportunities.
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