The purpose of this program is to develop skilled leaders who are prepared for positions of greater responsibility in their agencies and communities. Program goals include broadening the perspective of participants, building concrete skills for effective leadership, and promoting the kind of personal change and growth needed to lead and move organizations in new directions.

Instructors will use a variety of methods, including case studies, lectures, discussion, exercises, a 360-degree management assessment, self-assessments and videos. Small group and individual coaching during and between sessions will support participants in transfer of learning, personal development and accountability for change.

The program consists of 16 days of training conducted in two-day sessions over eight months and can accommodate up to 25 participants at a time.

Dates and location

Davis – November 2016-June 2017

For more information

If you have any questions about the training, please call Kate Jones Kelley at (530) 754-1499 or email

Enrollment fee

Counties with current UC Davis training contracts my use their training units at a rate of 2.5 TUs per person. Otherwise, the direct bill rate is $9,875 per person.

Course Code