An Introduction to Social Services Funding: Federal Titles, State Allocations, Realignment, Maintenance of Efforts & Unfunded Mandates

This course introduces the funding and claiming mechanisms of social services programs. The training covers various funding streams available for Social Services activities, how counties access those funds, and what types of things can affect the revenues. As a result of this training, participants will understand that Social Services funding is a patchwork of reimbursements and how economic conditions can impact revenues. Participants will also learn how county actions can affect those reimbursements and understand how they can be good stewards of taxpayer’s funds.

Participants will:

  • Identify major funding streams of Social Service programs
  • Get a high-level review of revenues and the sharing ratios and/or requirements attached to them
  • Recognize the different claiming mechanisms to draw down funds
  • Understand what actions or inactions can affect current year and future year funding
  • Understand their role in meeting the department’s financial success
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