An Introduction to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth (Nevada County)

This training introduces the identification of the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth (CSECY) population and provides information on what to look for to support treatment. This training will be especially helpful for staff working with clients enrolled in FSP, Probation, DCFS and clients exposed to trauma. Participants will be more equipped to help others identify youth involved in the commercial sex industry. The trainer will also discuss the demand side of the commercial sex industry, so participants are equipped to teach and answer questions about the buyers and the individuals who exploit youth. We will review the impact of trauma and potential continued exploitation and lack of safety when beginning treatment. We will explore terms related to those who have experienced CSEC. We will define and explore the importance of victim-informed treatment which includes the use of the arts, motivational interviewing strategies and stages of change, as well as the continued dangers someone in exploitation may be exposed to throughout the treatment process. Finally, we will participate in creative activities to manage our own feelings and engage youth in holistic treatment considering the youths spiritual, physical, emotional and social health.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize victims of CSEC 100% of the time
  • Define terms relative to CSEC
  • State 3 responsibilities to CSEC identified clients
  • Differentiate 3 strategies to foster engagement and trust with CSEC identified youth
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize 2 tools to provide holistic treatment to CSEC identified clients
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