Intermediate Excel: Dealing with Data

This workshop is designed to create proficiency using Excel to manage data, including pivot table, creating charts, using mail merge, and other helpful data sorting and editing functions. A few keyboard shortcuts will be shared to help participants be more efficient in their Excel usage day-to-day. Participants will be provided with various generic data sets to use in the class and will practice various methods to view, sort and analyze this data. The course will also show participants how to do a Mail Merge with Microsoft Word. Participants will be given a prepared Excel Workbook with exercises to be practiced as a group, as well as a prepared Word file.

Topics include: Keyboard Shortcuts, Conditional Formatting, Finding and Removing Duplicates, Modifying Text in to Multiple columns, Mail Merging with Word, Pivot Tables/Charts, Using Data Validation, Protecting cells, sheets and workbooks, using Paste Special to adjust data, Subtotals, Sorting and Filtering, Charts and Graphs, and Formulas such as Count, Text, Trim, If Statements, and Concatenate.

The handout for this course is written as a how-to guide with example exercises such that participants can go back to the material at any time. The presentation style for this course is learning by doing – the instructor will demonstrate the use of the Excel function, and have all students follow along on their own pre-made Excel workbook.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use the Alt keyboard short cut to navigate Excel with the keyboard
  • Create and manipulate pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Perform a Mail Merge with MS Word
  • Sort and Filter information
  • Use the subtotal and other common data editing and analysis formulas.
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