Integrated Services Basic Orientation

This orientation workshop will combine participants from CalWORKs, Child Welfare Services, employment and eligibility programs in order to build trust and understanding among staff in serving families. It provides training for staff on the “other program” with a basic overview of the goals, legislative mandates and regulations. It lays the foundation for participants’ understanding and putting into practice the mission, vision, and guiding principles that unite these programs in serving families.

Topics include: 

  • Overview of Service Delivery Systems
  • Understanding California Programs
  • CalWORKs
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Other Programs
  • Timelines for Programs
  • A Day in the Life of Staff
  • California Laws Linking Services
  • California Integrated Services Laws
  • Mandates
  • Confidentiality
  • Identification and Referrals of Families
  • Strength-Based Planning with Families
  • Understanding a Client: “In My Shoes: Jackie”
  • Identifying and Referring families
  • Linking Programs in Serving Families
  • Practice Changes and Practice Constants
  • Working with Others

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to link services, including having a working knowledge of the principles, values and approaches to problem solving with children and families.

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