This workshop will inform and educate social workers and other child welfare professionals on the historical context of the ICWA. Participants will familiarize with the culture and traditions unique to Tribes,the requirements that a Social Services agency/social worker must comply with to determine ICWA applicability, and provide resource information for compliance. Participants will be learn what “Active Efforts” mean, when it is applicable, and how to meet the standard. Additionally, participants will learn of ICWA “placement preferences,”Tribes rights–and particularly addressing a Tribe’s ability to designate, license, and approve a Tribal Foster Home, Tribal involvement and engagement in child welfare cases, and Best Practices used in an ICWA case. The participants will also learn about required ICWA documents for accurate completion.

Topics include:

  • Identifying Cultural practice and roles/traditions, including the historical context of ICWA.
  • Defining and identifying “Active Efforts” and methods on how this requirement is met.
  • Examining and understanding placement preferences under ICWA.
  • Recognizing Agency and Social Worker obligations in making ICWA inquiries.
  • Building knowledge on a Tribe’s role when ICWA applies, and effectively engaging the Tribe. 
  • Reviewing the ICWA placement preferences and a Tribe’s right to identify and approve a tribal foster home.
  • Using best practices when working with Native Americans and Tribes.
  • Knowing the responsibility of the Social Service Agency and the Social Worker in supporting Indian children who are not in a parents care.
  • Completing and preparing required ICWA documents.
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