ICPM/CFT/CANS/SOP - Aligning Models to Achieve Best Practice: Integrating ICPM, CPM, CFT, CANS, and SOP

California is in the midst of implementing many key initiatives, mandates and best practices, including the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM), California Child Welfare Core Practice Model (CPM), Child and Family Teaming (CFT), the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), and Safety Organized Practice (SOP). This class will focus on how all of these integrate into one comprehensive approach to family-centered, trauma-informed child welfare practice.

Learning objectives include:

  • Recognize how the ICPM/CPM, CFT, CANS and SOP align as a comprehensive approach to improving child and family outcomes.
  • Identify the ICPM/CPM practice behaviors (foundation, engagement, assessment, teaming, service planning and delivery, and transition) and how they apply to your work with children, youth, families and community partners.
  • Apply the skills, tools and strategies of Safety Organized Practice to the practice behaviors of ICPM/CPM.
  • Examine frameworks for Child and Family Team meetings that integrate requirements and best practices of CFT, CANS and SOP.
  • Recognize how CFT, CANS and SOP integrate to support development of behaviorally-based case plans that address needs, strengths, harm, danger and safety.

Come prepared to learn how these key initiatives fit together to create a comprehensive practice approach for the child welfare system in California.

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