Human Services 101: The Helping Profession

This course provides a detailed overview of public assistance programs, social services and supportive services that shape Human Services organizations. Participants will explore the history and foundations of the helping profession and will understand important milestones that have shaped today’s practice. The Organizational Roles model will be presented to highlight how Human Services organizations are structured to effectively serve their communities, with an emphasis on the importance of collaboration. The concepts of serving both internal and external customers will be reviewed. Finally, participants will identify their strengths and the significance of their role within the helping profession.

Participants will:

  • Build awareness of the history and foundation of Human Services organizations
  • Learn about various programs and services offered within a Human Services organization
  • Identify which Human Services programs and supportive services may benefit individuals within given scenarios
  • Recognize and evaluate the impact of programs and supportive services delivered to the community
  • Identify and reflect on their role as a helping professional within the field of human services
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