Healing the Healer

This experiential training offers human services professionals a relaxing and engaging opportunity to use mindfulness and self-care practices, such as art and journaling, to address stress, design creative self-care plans, and rejuvenate. The retreat also focuses on honoring the important work of staff and celebrates workplace well-being.

Topics include:

  • Acknowledge and express appreciation for all of the wonderful work staff does
  • Utilize mindfulness and self-care practices, such as creative expression and journaling, to support rejuvenation and address any secondary traumatic stress symptoms on cognitive, emotional and nervous system levels
  • Use a self-care assessment tool and art materials to design creative self-care plans to support and enhance work-life resilience
  • Use a goal-setting process to follow through with identified strategies to maintain self-care
  • Honor coworkers by creating and delivering gratitude notes to express what and who they are grateful for in their workplace
  • Identify accomplishments and qualities to celebrate as a group that will be embodied in a piece of artwork on canvas to be kept by the agency
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