Harassment Prevention and Ensuring a Discrimination Free Work Environment

This workshop has been designed to provide an overview, including the legal requirements, of harassment-prevention and a discrimination-free work environment. Participants will gain knowledge about the behaviors that violate anti-discrimination laws, protected categories (e.g., race, sex, national origin, age,etc.), myths and facts about what constitutes harassment, legal issues, and impacts of harassing behaviors on the victim. Strategies for dealing with harassment and discriminatory behaviors will also be incorporated.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what constitutes behaviors of harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination;
  • Applying strategies to ensure a workplace that is free of harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination;
  • Awareness of what to do if managers and supervisors receive complaints of discrimination or harassment based on the legally protected basis
  • Identifying the county’s reporting procedures as required by federal Civil Rights Acts, the California Department of Social Services Division 21 Regulation, and other applicable federal, state, and local policies, regulations, and laws exploring strategies to prevent the perception or claim of retaliation
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