Fraud Detection, Prevention and Administrative Disqualification Hearings

This course provides an overview of the elements of fraud, techniques for fraud detection, and includes an emphasis on fraud prevention. Participants can also expect to develop awareness of the interview process, and enhance their understanding of proper referrals, documentation and records retention. This course will also provide an overview of the Administrative Disqualification Hearing (ADH) process and penalties, including understanding how the process works, as well as staff’s role in testifying during proceedings.

Topics include:

  • Defining the elements of fraud in public assistance programs
  • Understanding the role of eligibility workers and supervisors defined by state regulations
  • Exploring how customer service plays a role in the detection and prevention of fraud
  • Building awareness of how to conduct a clarifying interview
  • Examining the importance of proper documentation, referrals and records retention
  • Testifying in an Administrative Disqualification Hearing (ADH) or criminal proceeding
  • Understanding intentional program violations and disqualification penalties
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