Foundational Wraparound Training for Trainers

This Training for Trainers course is designed to provide potential trainers with the skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate the Foundational Wraparound class. This course is intended for experienced Wraparound trainers to take after completion of the full Foundational Wraparound class as a prerequisite to provide the Foundational Wraparound training at their agencies and organizations.

Course Objectives:

By completing this Training for Trainers, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge regarding the adult learning principles and techniques applied in the curriculum, including the best practices to implement them effectively
  • Deepen understanding regarding the flow of the curriculum, key areas of learning, and how to plan and organize for effective training delivery
  • Acquire skills to create a positive learning environment including using personal experiences in Wraparound to better engage individuals in learning while simultaneously ensuring effective delivery of the standardized course content

Participation Requirements:

  1. Prior completion of Foundational Wraparound training: Trainers must have previously completed the Foundational Wraparound training in full
  2. Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) certified: Trainers must be CANS certified and be able to include anecdotal stories about the inclusion of the CANS assessment in Wraparound services, or trainers must be a peer partner who will be delivering this training alongside a trainer who is CANS certified
  3. Wraparound professional: Trainers must have expert level knowledge of Wraparound services
  4. Commitment to training this curriculum as written without modifications
Course Code
Title Start Date End Date Enrollment
Foundational Wraparound Training for Trainers Jul 13 Jul 14 Enroll Now