This workshop is intended to provide a foundation for eligibility workers new to the Foster Care Program. This workshop can be given in one or two full days, depending of the level of detail required by the county(Times are based on two days but can be shortened to one day if required).

Topics include:

  • Discuss the different types of Foster Care and out of home placements
  • Discuss different placement types, payments, and funding sources
  • Discuss the Resource Family Approval process and forms
  • Discuss Level of Care Protocol and requirements
  • Discuss Federal Foster Care Eligibility which will include:
    • Court Petitions and Findings
    • Legal vs. Physical Home of Removal (including constructive removal)
    • Linkage
    • Preponderance of Evidence Model (POEM)
  • Identify Required Documentation
  • Practice making eligibility determinations with limited information
  • Foster Care for Non-Citizen children (PRUCOL)
  • Identify Special Payments and programs for Foster Children
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