Fiscal Essentials for Children's Services

This two-day course will provide participants with the fundamentals of child welfare services funding, allocations, claiming and budgeting as well as explore new initiatives and emerging opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Federal funding opportunities for IV-E, IV-B and Title XIX within current claiming rules
  • The allocation process beginning with the November subvention, the May revision and the final state budget
  • Tracking CWS expenditures through the claiming process, identifying the revenue maximization opportunities that are currently available
  • Initiatives including CWS improvement, Differential Response, Wraparound, Family to Family and Linkages
  • Current events and pending legislation, including proposals to cap or limit funding
  • Opportunities for partnering with other departments, including Mental Health, Probation and the Department of Education

We will explore best practices and discuss current and pending legislation expected to impact children's programs. The two-day session will end with a discussion of current events on the local, state and national stage.

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