Field Safety for Social Workers

The intent of this training is to address safety guidelines within the scope of social work that reflects policies and practices to enhance social worker field safety. This training expounds upon the importance of preparing for a home visit and taking preventative measures. Course content will present strategies and techniques to survey surroundings for safety and general home visit safety. Participants will enhance skills for predicting and dealing with violence, reducing tension and hostility, responding to physical altercations, dealing with dogs and insects, and writing an incident report.

Topics Include:
  • Understanding the importance of preparing for a home visit and taking proper precautions.
  • Recognizing potential threats through survey/observation methods both outside and inside a client’s home.
  • Exploring proper safety positioning when working with clients.
  • Identifying traits that indicate potential violence.
  • Employing strategies to reduce tension and hostility.
  • Applying personal safety tips for responding effectively to a physical attack.
  • Reviewing and recognizing common dog behaviors.
  • Increasing awareness and preparing for insect infestation.
  • Examining the county’s incident report for proper completion.
Course Code