Family Finding: A Parent Partner's Role in Discovering and Building Lifelong Relationships

Children and youth in care can be disconnected from caring adults. Some relatives may not even be aware that the youth is no longer with family or that their family is in need of support. Due to stigma and isolation, the unique relationship a parent can create lends itself to a higher level of comfort which promotes the family finding process.

  • Participants will:
  • Gain an understanding of family finding
  • Learn to team with case managers to interview youth, children and families of origin
  • Explore common myths, misconceptions, attitudes and beliefs that create barriers to permanency for youth and families
  • Learn skills to engage youth in the permanency and family finding processes
  • Learn methods to prepare families and youth for permanency
  • Gain an understanding of attitudes, feelings and potential resistance
  • Know best practices for engaging families in the permanency planning process
  • Understand the techniques for relative search and engagement, basic record review and other family finding tools
  • Understand the important role parent partners have in creating and sustaining permanency for youth who might otherwise have no lifelong connections

This training provides a foundation for parent partners on the process for family finding, instilling first the importance of permanency. This is an interactive training that will incorporate discussion, case studies and other activities to introduce and reinforce important concepts.

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