Essential Skills for Lead Workers Series

Module 1: The Role of the Lead Worker

The goal of this workshop is to provide lead workers with supervisory foundation concepts to help them fulfill their role in assisting the team’s leader. Team leads will develop awareness of the extent of their supervisory responsibilities, as well as the boundaries they must observe.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing the shift in their role from staff to leadership
  • Distinguishing and supporting supervisory responsibilities and tasks
  • Reviewing situations to display appropriate leadership behaviors with relevance to professional boundaries
  • Understanding core job responsibilities and tasks to better balance goals, objectives and team deadlines

Module 2: Supporting Performance Management

This workshop will focus on providing lead workers with awareness of the three-part performance management cycle utilized at the supervisory level. Heavy focus is on the importance of the lead’s role in supporting job performance management efforts at the request of their supervisor.

Topics include:

  • Understanding their role in the performance management process
  • Understanding performance monitoring and its purpose
  • Providing input to the performance management process
  • Proposing and supporting solutions to address performance gaps
  • Ensuring discretion in performance management challenges

Module 3: How Teams Work

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to review and assess their skills and that of their team in support of their supervisor. Other topics include reviewing the dynamics of team development and team activities. During this workshop, participants will review, list, assess, survey and practice essential skills to promote effective teamwork.

Topics include:

  • Analyzing the stages of team development
  • Exploring dynamics of team development
  • Listing characteristics of effective teams
  • Assessing personal styles and approaches to teamwork

Module 4: Supporting Workers

The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with awareness and tools on analyzing a performance gap and then implementing a course of action with their supervisor’s support to correct sub-standard performance or recognize excellence.

Topics include:

  • Defining performance counseling and performance coaching
  • Developing plans with your supervisor’s support for performance coaching a specific employee
  • Reviewing elements of recognition
  • Defining progressive discipline
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