Engaging Fathers: Strategies to Involve and Advocate for Fathers and Their Families

This highly interactive workshop will help participants uncover strategies to approach and engage fathers of children involved in child welfare and probation cases. 

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Develop strategies to identify, locate and meaningfully engage fathers.
  • Value the importance of maintaining and supporting relationships between children and their fathers and relatives.
  • Recognize how personal biases may impact the ability to effectively involve fathers.
  • Develop a self-monitoring process to ensure paternal relatives are located and involved as a placement resource and/or an enduring support network.
  • Identify strategies to approach and engage fathers to build a more trusting working relationship, which benefits both the father and his child(ren).

In addition, the training will provide an overview and update of the legal requirements surrounding finding and involving fathers and their relatives, as well as explore and discuss research surrounding common obstacles to engaging fathers.

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