Engaging Families Using Solution-Focused Inquiry

Solution-focused inquiry (SFI) uses questions and conversations that strengthen an individual or family’s capacity to achieve their own best judgment in difficult times by focusing on solutions and goals vs. problems and deficits.

During this one-day training, participants will learn the major concepts, basic principles and key techniques of SFI and how it compares and integrates with motivational interviewing (MI). Participants will have the opportunity to learn SFI and MI interventions through discussion and training exercises. Participants will be encouraged to explore how their own experiences can be applied using these perspectives and interventions in their work with children and families in child welfare.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the background and basic principles of SFI / MI and how to apply them to child welfare practice
  • Identify the main types of solution-focused questions and how to use them to ensure a rigorous and balanced assessment
  • Identify the key motivational interviewing skills and how to apply them to engagement and assessment with families
  • Identify at least two interventions that they can use in their practice
  • Understand how SFI and MI can help support the development of a constructive relationship between the worker and family and the enhance/support the change process
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