Engagement Strategies with Children and Families with Trauma Histories

This course will be a dynamic, interactive and didactic experience focused on the nature, scope and focus of engaging children and families with histories of trauma, abuse, neglect and grief/loss. 

After this class, participants will be able to:

  • Increase their knowledge, awareness and understanding about presence, role and impact of trauma in the lives of children and families within our systems of care (Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Education, etc.)
  • Develop greater understanding about the connection between the experience of trauma and the experience of neglect, abuse and grief/loss
  • Identify the role that culture plays in the engagement and treatment of trauma in children and families
  • Learn about relevant research, DSM-V diagnostic criteria, treatment interventions and outcomes data related to the engagement and treatment of trauma, neglect, abuse and grief/loss
  • Learn about the practical application of culturally and trauma-informed principles in engagement with children and families that are dealing with issues of trauma, neglect, abuse and grief/loss in all life domains (home, school, work and community)
  • Identify the presence and impact of secondary trauma in themselves and colleagues as well as identifying positive proactive and reactive responses to secondary trauma
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