Employment Service Skills-Family Finding and Engagement

This course provides an overview of family search and engagement (FSE), its history and development, and how to integrate the mission of family connections into case planning for children, youth and families. The goal of family search and engagement is to develop safe, stable and supportive connections for each child and family. 

After attending this training, successful participants will be able to:

  • Identify how and where to look in a case file for leads to family connections and permanency leads
  • Utilize and recognize the benefit of interviewing tools
  • Engage family and community connections in shared planning
  • Utilize FSE technology, tools and methods to find and engage family connections
  • Engage and re-engage with family for successful outcomes

Participants will learn and practice strategies using actual files to gather contact information and reach out to identified connections for children currently served. Further, participants can leave this training with renewed hope that each child has connections to family and community that can enhance their options for permanency.

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