Emotion Regulation, Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation

This workshop provides an overview of parent and child emotional regulation. It describes the different forms of regulation (emotion, self, and co) and explains how it develops in children. There is special attention to the role of caregivers’ regulation and their influence on the child’s development of regulation. There is a focus on common disruptors of regulation, disruptors for parents’ regulation, and disruptors for children’s development of regulation. Videos and activities are interspersed throughout the workshop to provide a hands-on understanding of regulatory processes in the real world.

Topics Include:

  • Describe the different forms of regulation and each of their importance
  • Understand the stress response and how it relates to regulation
  • Describe the developmental trajectory of regulation
  • Apply understanding of normative development to high-risk situations
  • Evaluate situations for their impact on regulation
  • Describe the regulatory outcomes in high-risk situations
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