Emergency Response Fundamentals

This interactive two-day training will offer participants an overview of how to define and identify safety versus risk, as well as how to effectively complete a balanced and rigorous child abuse and neglect investigation for child welfare. Participants will learn the steps to an emergency response investigation, and will have practice opportunities to apply what is learned to complete a balanced assessment.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between safety and risk
  • Know how to plan the logistics of an investigation, including safety, engagement, interviewing, sequencing, and teaming with other professionals to ensure children’s safety
  • Understand WIC codes and reasonable efforts
  • Learn how to identify if there are any safety and/or risks in a family situation
  • Describe the steps of an investigation from the time of initial report assigned, to the closure of the referral
  • Value the role of the family members and their ability to keep their children safe using their own resources
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