The Early Years Matter Series: Autism - Learn the Signs/Act Early

Series overview

With the growing number of young children coming to the attention of child welfare services, it is imperative that child welfare practitioners understand the unique needs of these children and identify practices to more effectively respond. This training series will provide various workshops and webinars that provide important information and strategies for child welfare practitioners to promote child well-being and family strengths during the early years of a child’s development.

Who should attend: This series will benefit all those who work with young children and/or families with involvement in child welfare services.

Autism - Learn the Signs/Act Early

Developmental screening and early identification are paramount for promoting positive developmental outcomes for young children with developmental risk and autism spectrum disorders. This training provides an overview of the CDC's Learn the Signs/Act Early program, which was developed to promote awareness of developmental milestones in early childhood, the importance of tracking each child’s development, and the importance of responding early if there are concerns. 

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe typical developmental milestones and the importance of tracking milestones
  • Define and identify early autism risk behaviors in young children
  • Understand the importance of developmental screening, developmental surveillance and early identification of autism risk
  • Promote evidence-based early interventions for young children with autism and autism risk as well as developmental risk behaviors

In addition, this training will present CDC resources and materials available to parents, providers and health professionals.

Additional installments of the series will be posted at once they are scheduled.

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