Documentation and Court Report Writing (Virtual Training)

This workshop focuses on writing jurisdiction, disposition, review, 366.26, post permanency and non-minor review reports that meet legal requirements and provide the court and parties with necessary information and evidence in an effective format which enhance the likelihood of the social workers recommendations being adopted by the court.

Topics Include:

  • Required Findings at Each Hearing
  • Organization and structure of reports
  • Evidence in Jurisdiction Reports
  • Timelines for reunification service; extending and terminating services
  • Necessary legal findings for reunification and family maintenance review hearings
  • Documenting evidence of reasonable services
  • Documenting evidence of parents’ progress or lack thereof in services
  • Assessing and providing evidence of detriment of returning child to parents
  • Relative placement issues
  • Documentation of the establishment and facilitation of concurrent planning in the report
  • Permanency issues: Adoption, guardianship, ICWA
  • Non-minor dependent reports
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