Determining Household Status in CalWORKs and CalFresh

This workshop presents the overall view of standard filing and assistance unit composition in CalWORKs and examines the concept of a household in the CalFresh program. Participants will review regulations and relevant case examples will be used. As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to accurately determine assistance unit composition for a variety of household situations in the CalWORKs program as well as assembling correct CalFresh households.

Topics Include:
  • Defining eligible child criteria in the CalWORKs program
  • Examining who may serve as a caretaker relative based on the degree of relatedness
  • Reviewing the minimum requirements for standard filing unit composition in the CalWORKs program
  • Establishing multigenerational and single person assistance units
  • Recognizing who can and cannot be a separate CalFresh household
  • Understanding criteria for persons who are mandatory, optional and excluded in CalWORKs
  • Determining Non-Household members vs. Excluded members in CalFresh
  • Discussing the appropriate use of income and expenses in the CalWORKs and CalFresh budgeting process
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