A Day In the Life of Adult and Aging Clients and Staff

During this experiential workshop participants will have an opportunity to share a day in the life from a client’s point-of-view building on the perspective from their side of the desk. Participants will be practicing helpful skills as they step in and out of a client and agency staff’s life. Employing a mix of direct instruction and brief experiential activities, A Day in the Life topics include struggling with pre-dementia challenges, suffering from hearing loss and vision loss, and being victimized by financial fraud. The course also includes ways to assess and converse with clients and caregivers regarding practical home safety & mobility issues, and other unique challenges for the adult and aging population.

Topics include:

  • Understanding moments of their frustration, loss, fear, confusion and challenges for adult and aging clients and caregivers
  • Clarifying behaviors linked with empathy versus sympathy
  • Experiencing and acknowledging the value of empathetic connections, including feelings of loss
  • Identifying sensitive adult and aging issues including financial fraud/abuse
  • Participating in respectful conversations around sensitive issues
  • Identifying self-care strategies for working with adult and aging clients
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