Data and Continuous Quality Improvement Boot Camp: Improving Outcomes in Human Service Organizations from the Inside Out

This three-day training will provide participants with the opportunity to increase fluency in the language and processes of CQI and improvement science. Engaging, interactive and entertaining sessions will provide an immersion into the three key CQI competencies: critical thinking, data analysis and data storytelling. At the conclusion of the training series, participants will be able to consume and share information, use a systematic and outcomes driven approach to planning and implementation of systems changes, ad communicate with internal and external audiences to motivate stakeholders on the journey towards improvement.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate critical engagement with information, including identifying the limitations and potential biases in examples of data analysis
  • Understand the main elements of CQI and improvement science
  • Apply data analysis techniques to plan and measure progress for improvement efforts in human services with specific focus on CalOARS, and adult protective services
  • Communicate rationales, expected outcomes and limitations of improvement efforts with internal and external stakeholders

This course will be specifically helpful with the implementation of CalOARs and other CQI processes.

Who Should Attend

Human service managers, supervisors, analysts and staff working with data and outcome improvement.

Course Code