Cultivating Resilience and Well-Being

This class helps supervisors become more knowledgeable about and skillful at creating the conditions where they and their teams can enhance and sustain their overall well-being and become more resilient in the face of repeated stressful and sometimes traumatic encounters.

Combining group discussion, teaching and practice, the class will examine:

  • Areas supervisors find challenging in their day-to-day activities and within their overall system
  • Identifying what changes supervisors would like to help bring about
  • Exploring the nature of human beings and what contributes to breakdowns, resilience and well-being
  • Identity and implicit conditioning
  • Reactivity and response
  • Individual and collective resources
  • Stages of self-care
  • Networks of support

In addition to learning and experimenting with some gentle practices people can use to interrupt harmful cycles and enhance beneficial ones, participants will have an opportunity to review and connect their learning with their specific challenges and intentions.


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