Crisis Intervention and Prevention Training: Parent Partner Facilitation

This class can also be offered as a train-the-trainer course. This class will give parent partners the tools for crisis prevention strategies and crisis intervention techniques for parents and family members whose child may be in a residential setting and are preparing for the child to transition home. Parent partners will become prepared to coach family members in a supportive group environment or one on one with skill practice sessions, role playing, facilitation of small group discussions, as well as learning how to handle resistance to training. There will be opportunities to practice activities and, if provided as a train-the- trainer course, participants will gain immediate training experience.

Parent partners will learn:

  • Strategies for dealing with a child or youth in crisis and ways to prevent and de-escalate potential crises
  • Ways to use a crisis situation as an opportunity to learn coping skills
  • Methods to help family members avoid power struggles and enlist a child’s cooperation

This class is essential in preparing all parent partners to respond to the realities facing families as children and youth return home.  

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