Core for Supervisors Module 4: Coaching Institute for Supervisors

Coaching is recognized as a key learning strategy for professional development as well as overall program implementation. This institute will provide supervisors with information to assemble the coaching puzzle—in other words, how to integrate the best skills, theories and abilities of coaching into a solid evidence-based supervision strategy.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Accurately define coaching in child welfare
  • Recognize similarities, differences and connections between supervision and coaching
  • Understand how to supervise and coach
  • Utilize the child welfare coaching framework
  • Coach social workers specifically during their field-based learning component of Core
  • Communicate across differences using a lens to enhance relationships
Supervisors will experience the role of both learner and coach during this experiential training. Additionally, this course will provide a tool for supervisors to use when coaching new social workers during their field-based learning components of Core.
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