Core for Supervisors, Module 1, Leading in Child Welfare: The Role of the Supervisor

Day 1 focuses on your new role as a supervisor in the environment you supervise. It explores:

  • Your successes and challenges as a new supervisor
  • The leadership behaviors detailed in the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM)
  • How to lead your team with an understanding of legislation and changing practice

After attending Day 1, you will be able to demonstrate alignment with the California ICPM as foundational to leadership and supervisory behaviors as you transition into your role.


Day 2 serves as an opportunity for you to gain familiarity with data and fiscal tools to support you in your role as a supervisor. This course also explores how your communication style and approach affects and supports your team. Specific topics include:

  • What your current organizational climate is and how it can affect those in your agency
  • Secondary traumatic stress, self-care planning, and social worker well-being
  • DiSC blends and managing up, down, and all around

After attending Day 2, you will be able to adapt your communication and behavior to complement those of the social worker and respond in a way that is supportive of the social worker.

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