Core M9: Assessment Knowledge and Skill Reinforcement Lab

During this one-day classroom module, participants deepen their assessment skills using the Structured Decision Making tools alongside vignettes to highlight the value of conducting a balanced and rigorous assessment. This training day includes an end of Foundation Block exam to evaluate knowledge gained through 200 and 100 Level eLearning and classroom modules and 100 Level field modules.

Who Should Attend

This 200 Level Assessment Block class is intended for Core participants who have completed Core 2.5 Assessment Block classes as outlined below. This is the final class in the Assessment Block and includes an end-of-block exam.

Required Prerequisites

The following Assessment Block classes must be completed prior to taking the 200 Level Assessment Block Knowledge and skills Reinforcement Lab:

  1. Critical Thinking and Assessment (class)
  2. Child Maltreatment Identification (eLearning)
  3. Child Maltreatment Identification Skills Lab (class)
  4. Overview of Assessment Procedures (eLearning)
  5. SDM Skills Lab (class)
  6. Assessing for Key Child Welfare Issues (class)
  7. Collaborative Assessment, Planning and Support: Safety and Risk in Teams (field activity)
  8. Completing SDM Assessment Tools (field activity)

Recommended Prerequisites

It is strongly recommended that participants complete all classes that occur before the Assessment Block classes as the knowledge gained builds on previous classes in the sequence. In particular, the following classes are recommended:

  1. Introduction to Child Development (eLearning)
  2. Child & Youth Development (class)
Course Code