Core 2.5: Assessing for Key Child Welfare Issues

This skills lab provides a deeper look into the assessment process, specifically focused on key issues in child welfare: substance abuse, mental health and intimate partner violence.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify how assessment can be impacted by caregiver substance abuse, mental health issues, intimate partner violence, trauma and deprivation
  • Identify the role of teaming with experts in working with families to assess these issues
  • Describe how cultural differences, individual, familial and historical trauma, and the use of authority can affect assessment and the professional relationship
  • Conduct a balanced and accurate assessment that focuses on key issues as they relate to safety, risk and child and youth well-being
  • Describe a process for consulting and collaborating with appropriate community providers to address needs in relation to key issues

This course will allow an opportunity to practice assessment skills involving the primary issues that bring children and families to the attention of child welfare services. 

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