Continuous Quality Improvement in Human Services

Leaders of Human Services Agencies are challenged every day to ensure quality services to those most in the need in their community with limited resources. This workshop will explore how leaders can build effective organizations through continuous quality improvement practices. Participants will be introduced to models and frameworks that take a systemic and systematic approach to continuously improving an organization’s performance, performance capacity and client outcomes.

Topics Include:

  • Defining Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Reviewing the Organizational Systems Model and discussing how to use the model to plan effectively for the agency.
  • Examining the Organizational Roles Model and discussing how to ensure all levels of the organization understand their role.
  • Reviewing the Building Smart and Healthy Framework to ensure a balance of task and relationship in the organization to achieve effectiveness.
  • Reflective thinking on the current state of the organization, desired state, and actions needed to move toward the desired state.
  • Developing an Action Plan in a full day training and Commitment and Next Steps in a half-day training.
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