Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation with Adolescent Clients

This training addresses strategies for conflict resolution and de-escalation with adolescent or transition-age youth. Participants will leave this day-long training with improved understanding, skills and strategies to prevent and intervene when conflict arises. The course will address personal safety, early engagement, conflict styles and conflict resolution skills, how to take a youth-centered approach, conducting rapid assessments, and addressing secondary trauma. Case studies and de-escalation skills and practice will be incorporated.


Course participants will:

  • Understand the importance of personal safety when responding to conflict
  • Understand conflict styles and how they manifest in our professional work
  • Understand “hot button” issues when responding to conflict, especially with youth
  • Understand the benefit of youth-centered strategies
  • Be able to implement “rapid assessment” of youth in crisis
  • Explore strategies and techniques to reframe and de-escalate situations
  • Practice self-care from “secondary trauma” and work to minimize re-traumatization for all youth in care
  • Practice the skills of reframing and inquiry to deescalate situations
  • Use case studies to practice these skills
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