Coaching Institute for Human Services Instructors

Have you considered becoming part of the Training Academy coaching team? Or are you interested in learning more about the UC Davis Skills-Based Coaching model? This workshop is for you! Skills-based itself, this institute will provide Academy instructors with a coaching model and framework, integrating the best skills, theories and abilities of coaching. The UC Davis Skills-Based Coaching model is focused on improved practice in child welfare, which leads to improved outcomes for children and families--the heart of the business.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Accurately define coaching in child welfare
  • Understand the continuum of coaching, teaching, consultation and mentoring
  • Utilize the child welfare skills based coaching model
  • Communicate across differences using a lens to enhance relationships
  • Understand human behavior in the context of coaching others, including human response to social stress, the effects of trauma and implicit bias and the impact our styles have on those we coach and vice versa
  • Identify and capitalize on coachable moments, by asking powerful questions, setting goals, and working with reluctance

This workshop will be highly interactive with opportunities to practice coaching, which means participants should come prepared to receive good coaching.

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