Coaching Based Case Management: Coaching Teens and Young Adults

This workshop will provide a framework and model of coaching as an approach to case management when working with teens and young adults. Workshop participants will be provided with a comprehensive overview of coaching, including key foundational principles and characteristics, and will be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to integrate coaching into their work with teens and young adults. This includes the awareness of “coachable moments” and the overall adoption of coaching an approach to everyday work.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define coaching and how it can be used as an approach to case management, specifically when working with young adults
  • Understand some nuances of youth development and how coaching can be appropriately implemented with this age group
  • Understand human behavior in the context of coaching others, including human response to social stress, the effects of trauma and implicit bias and the impact our styles have on those we coach and vice versa
  • Identify and capitalize on coachable moments, by asking powerful questions, setting goals and working with reluctance
  • Coach teens and young adults into taking action towards their goals
  • Facilitate reflection, theirs and their clients, to incorporate new learning into future action

This workshop will be highly interactive with opportunities to practice coaching. Which means participants should come prepared to receive good coaching.

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