Civil Rights Division 21

This workshop is designed to provide an overview to Human Services Professionals —including first-line supervisors and administrators—with the requirements of Division 21. Participants gain knowledge and insight into the service needs of various cultural, ethnic and special populations protected by civil rights legislation. Participants will learn about the California Department of Social Services’ requirements of Division 21, including the discrimination complaint process. Participants will also understand how to respond to a complaint and how to reduce barriers to service.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the requirements and methods for dissemination of civil rights information
  • Review the 18 basis of discrimination prohibited by Division 21
  • Learn the importance of ensuring the accessibility to benefits, services and public facilities—federal and state regulations
  • Review the provisions for services to non-English-speaking and disabled applicants and recipients
  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities on how to handle complaints of discriminatory treatment
  • Review the Division 21 documentation requirements— i.e., identifying, coding and maintaining all program case files
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