Civil Rights & Assessing Internal Assumptions

This workshop is designed to familiarize public contact staff— including first-line supervisors and administrators—with the requirements of Division 21. Participants gain knowledge and insight into the service needs of various cultural, ethnic and special needs populations protected by civil rights legislation. Lately, the concept of unconscious bias or “hidden bias” has come into the forefront of our work as diversity advocates because the dynamics of diversity are changing as we enter the 21st Century. As a result of this workshop participants know the requirements of Division 21, including the discrimination complaint process while given the strategies to actively challenge their internal assumptions (implicit bias) with clients and colleagues.

Topics Include:

  • Addressing requirements and methods for disseminating civil rights information
  • Reviewing Federal and State bases of discrimination prohibited by Division 21
  • Understanding what Internal Assumptions are (AKA Implicit Bias)
  • Developing strategies to reduce implicit bias as it relates to protected classes
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