Child Maltreatment Identification, Part II: Child Sexual Abuse

This course provides child welfare professionals with basic and essential information for handling child sexual abuse cases. In addition, this class will provide participants with information regarding the universal emotional reactions to child sexual abuse, and how to intervene, whether it is determined criminal or civil abuse. 

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their personal values and biases related to child sexual abuse and exploitation, and how they may or may not affect the assessment
  • Recognize and accurately identify physical, emotional and behavioral indicators of child sexual abuse and exploitation in child victims and their families
  • Use new tools to aid in interviewing the victim and dealing with the family of a child sexual abuse victim
  • Understand the medical forms and evaluations that are required when sexual abuse is reported
  • Explain and recognize the occurrence of “accommodation syndrome”
  • Use prevention techniques for child sexual abuse

This course is intended to provide thorough information regarding this very serious and oftentimes impactful topic. Professionals require a thoughtful understanding of their own reactions to child sexual abuse, as well as protocol for working with families and victims.

This course meets the Core Phase II Training requirement.

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