Child and Family Teaming Training For Trainers

Child and Family Teams are central to the success of the Continuum of Care Reform efforts and the well-being of the children, youth and families served by public agencies and their partners. In preparation to implement the Continuum of Care Reform Act, we have designed a no-cost to county training for trainers. This two-day session will provide a walk-through of three courses developed by the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice:  Orientation to Child and Family Teaming, Skill Building, and Facilitation.  If available, counties are encouraged to consider sending trainers who have practical experience in Wraparound if available.


Topics include:

Orientation to Child and Family Teaming

This session is an overview of the Child and Family Team Model and is designed to provide key agencies and their partners a common foundation from which to work from.. The training will cover the intent of teaming and benefits to children, families and communities. The foundational standards for creating an effective Child and Family Teams will be presented with an emphasis of shared responsibility and family-driven approach. The goal is to orient county public agencies and their community partners to the model and provide a forum where agencies and partners can come together to learn and value the involvement of each other.


Skill Building

This session is designed for those who are anticipated to be regular attendees in Child and Family Teams. The training will focus on practicing and developing skills for creating and participating on Child and Family Teams. This training will provide an interactive and hands-on learning environment where participants will demonstrate and apply actions supportive of the Child and Family Team Model. The purpose of this workshop is to build participants’ ability to interact and optimize Child and Family Teaming as a structure to support safety, permanence and well-being.  The session will also ensure that each team member understands his or her role and the importance of respecting the roles of others.



For those who are identified as facilitators of the model, this session will provide basic and advanced skill training for successfully facilitating a Child and Family Team. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their facilitation skills, with the session including the following areas of focus, building and maintaining the team; getting tasks accomplished; keeping the team moving and dealing with challenging team members.


As a result of this training, participants will have a foundational understanding of the Child and Family team process and will gain knowledge around best practice strategies for implementing and facilitating a child and family team.

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